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Why Choose Royal Palm Plumbing?

Often, property owners are surprised to learn their current water lines need replacement due to current or potential leaks. Polybutelene, a product used in the 90's, has been a major reason for the need to repipe. It is no longer manufactured. The other would be the age of the pipes and water quality.

With many companies offering repipes, it is important to choose the right one. At Royal Palm Plumbing, we take pride in customer satisfaction. Having completed hundreds of repipes in Lee and Collier County, we are confident you will be happy with the finished product.


Royal Palm Plumbing understands that your home is most likely your biggest and most important investment.
We offer FREE ESTIMATES and a walk through to all plumbing areas to explain procedures an answer any questions.

Reasons you may
need to repipe:

  • Previous, or current leak in water lines
  • Current water lines are polybutelene (Grey Pipes)
  • High water bill
  • Hear water running inside the wall when faucets are not being used
  • Low water pressure

Do I need a repipe?

If your home, condo or commercial building have any of the symptoms listed, you may want to consider repiping. While the thought of it may be scary, Royal Palm Plumbing offers competitive pricing and outstanding service. Call or contact us for a FREE INFORMATIVE ESTIMATE.

Which tubing should I choose?

Royal Palm Plumbing offers Flowguard Gold CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) Tubing/Fittings, or PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing/fittings. Both are a type of plastic tubing that are used for hot and cold water lines.

If you have any concerns, or symptoms, call Royal Palm Plumbing today.